The Craft Beer Channel have produced a short series of films in conjunction with Fullers.

In episode one they visit two of the cask ale pubs to talk about the challenges that real ale faces and the incredible work that goes in to making it the freshest form of beer.

Part One – Caring for Cask

In episode two they visit the 170-year-old Hook Norton Brewery, and witness a brew day on their Victorian brew kit. They also interview the sixth generation owner of the brewery about the importance of maintaining the traditions, heritage and processes of British brewers.

Part Two – The History of Cask

In Episode 3 they’re looking to the future, to find out if more varied styles of brewing bring new people to the world of cask ale?, and learn if modern beers work at warmer temperatures and lower carbonation levels by visiting both Abbeydale Brewery and Dark Star.

Part Three – The Future of Cask

In Episode 4 the Craft Beer Channel go on an epic pub crawl around the micropubs of Thanet and witness the incredible personalities and places behind this seaside revolution. Discussing the future of pubs, the freedom that is needed to keep cask beer flowing and the joy of pubs that reflect the people who run them.

Part Four – Micropubs

In Episode 5 of the Keep Cask Alive series the Craft Beer Channel are visiting the brewery that made the series possible – Fuller’s as they get the story behind one of the UK’s most sought after beers and find out how it represents everything that’s great about cask ale and traditional British brewing, but also points to where the scene can go in the future as it looks for a place in the modern brewing world.

Part Five – Fullers Vintage Ale